Wabi-Sabi inspired
Architecture & Interior Design.

Studio Momo | A Conscientious Practice

Studio Momo is an Architectural and Interior Design firm specialising in luxury villas and the restoration of Indo-Portuguese houses of Goa. The practice is based in Goa and is run by Gurmeet Akali who studied and practiced in Oxford before moving to Goa.

Gurmeet Akali is renowned to create a unique partnership of Architecture and Interior design to create bespoke and contemporary living spaces. Studio Momo is environmentally sensitive in its approach and put their passion into creating eco-friendly Architecture and interior/exterior finishes. Designing and creating built form that has a direct relationship to its context both physically and culturally. The combination of her formidable skills of architecture, interior and environmental design combine to create a style that is unique and her own.  

who we are
Gurmeet Akali (Meetu Akali)

Specialises in Interior Design. B Arch, MAAD (Masters in Advanced Architectural Design)
what we do

We oversee the whole construction process from design to construction and interior design. We also provide a range of eco products for use in construction.

  • Architectural Services
  • Interior Design Services
  • Eco-Design Consultation
  • Supply Eco-Products

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